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Tributes to Our Beloved Pastor


To my Beloved Brenda

From my perspective, words cannot adequately express what you have been in my humble life, but let me try anyway. You have been my very best friend, my confidant, and my soul mate down through the years. Brenda, I will always hold you near and dear to my heart. No one will ever know of the joy and fulfillment that you brought to my heart. As I shorten my reflection on you, I can still see you coming down that matrimonial aisle to become my wife! I am happy that you have finally reached that peaceful place in Jesus.
See ya later!

It hurts to lose anyone who has a special place in your heart. After the death of your special person Brenda, there is still life for you. But in the middle of your heartache and confusion you can find peace in the Lord Jesus Christ. Brenda would say "The Lord Jesus Christ is the healer of the broken hearted." So now that you are gone Brenda, all I have to hold onto is the love that you gave to me which will be stored in the memories of my heart.

from Mama, Sylvia M. Williams

Mom, THANK YOU for who you are. I really did not understand how truly blessed I am to have you as a mother. I know you will always be with me to guide me as my journey on this earth continues and we reunite in the heavens. You have taught me Love, Strength and Courage by your actions and not just your words, I also learned in the time I spent with you during your transition that I should not be selfish and I must share you and your legacy with the world. I will always look to the Almighty and know that I am facing in the right direction.

Your #1 Son, Bryan A. Piper

Mommy, you are the most influential person in my life. You taught me many things without an awareness of me being taught these things. I learned by example and will carry this with me during my lifetime. You taught me how to be a woman, a mother, and a friend. You taught me how to let others help me when I needed it, given I felt I could do it all myself. You were there for me when I needed you, both in times when I knew you did and when only you knew I did. I thank you for all of this and much more as the list goes on. On Thanksgiving Day, I did share with you my thoughts and thanked you for all of what you have done for me during my lifetime. Love to you always!

Your Only Daughter, Becki

Thank you for being an example of strength and courage. You kept a sense of humor and positive outlook during the tough times, never letting health, society or circumstances keep you from working towards and reaching your goals. The life lessons you taught me have been valuable and will always be close to my heart. Thank you for loving me, supporting me and being a mother to me. Love you.

Your Baby Boy, Bradley

Pastor Little,

It’s so much that I could say about you, but I know that there are others who are going to be sharing their tributes as well, so I’ll try my best not to make this too, too long, we’ll see.

I’m so thankful to God for putting me in your path twelve (12) years ago (officially), plus a number of years prior to joining Bethany. Thank you for your unconditional love, kindness, understanding, encouragement, mentoring, words of wisdom and that great sense of humor. I remember those personal conversations that we had eating at the Full Moon restaurant. Surprisingly, things that we both have experienced. Thank you for not only being my Pastor, but for being a friend, and one who walked in humility and persevered through it all. I will miss travelling with you and our conversations in the car and teachings you gave me after some of those preaching engagements. There will never be another like you. God made ONLY one of you. A
Divine Inspirational Victorious Anointed Woman of God, both inward and outward. Pastor, you told the congregation a few times that you have no intentions on retiring, that when you retire, it will be when God retires you home. You’re now in your new home with a new body. Dressed in your white robe and wearing a well deserved golden crown. I can see you preaching, shouting GLORY and running in heaven and the angels looking at one another and whispering to each other and asking, “Who is this awesome woman”?

You lived this life exemplifying what a Godly woman is. One who loved the Lord and loved her congregation. One who was concerned about souls being saved. You lived this life just to live again and I know that God said, “Brenda Joyce Williams Little, welcome home, my good and faithful servant whom I’m well pleased with”.

Love you, Minister Walker (Bethany, Evanston, IL)

Pastor Little,

I know that angels in Heaven are rejoicing. Even as we here must deal with your physical departure from us, we also rejoice knowing you are in that place of Glory with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am eternally grateful to God Almighty that He gave me the opportunity to sit under the preaching and teaching of both you and Rev. A. (The Dynamic Duo of Ministry) to enable me to go through this life with the blessed assurance that NOTHING can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord! Your ministry has given me a solid foundation I will take with me wherever I go. You will be missed but surely you will live in our hearts always. Thank you for everything.

Bro Roy Conley (Bethany, Evanston, IL)

I will forever be grateful to God for the blessing of being in Pastor Little's presence. No, the diva-ness never rubbed off but her theology stuck to me like glue. I remember my first bible study at Bethany. Unable to answer the homework questions to my satisfaction I looked for books that would help me. I ended up in the seminary library. That was a first. Pastor's teaching seemed more like a college course and I wanted to do the very best I could. I had no idea that I would be spending more of my time in those academic halls. And I didn't realize that a public announcement of my call to ministry was necessary. I thought I could just quietly go to the seminary.

Though God had directed my path, my steps were measured, uncertain and slow. In ways I now see in retrospect Pastor Little continued to show me that I was ready. To the daughters and sons who have followed God's path in every form of ministry she served as a midwife, assisting in our emergence. To those who stumbled she patiently waited for our spirits to align with God's. It has not been an easy journey but I was blessed by the opportunity Pastor gave to express myself in my own way and time.

There are no words to describe how much I will miss Pastor Little, but I will forever hear her voice and see her "daughter of thunder" dance and her "glorified marches" around the sanctuary. No more struggles of any kind for you Pastor—just praise!!! Thank God and thank you!!!!!!

Rev. Cie (Bethany, Evanston, IL)

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